Service Levels

  • Quality of Service

  • Technical excellence is the result of Dexani's policy on insisting on only employing the most competent consultants
  • A focus on technology as an enabler for business objectives rather than a means in itself.
  • Use of proprietary technical tools and methodologies that ensure a unique competitive advantage
  • Gauranteed Response Times

    • Each client support contract includes a customised Service Level Agreement. Agreements usually guarantee response times in under four business hours.
  • Cost effective structured service contracts

    • Our experience in supporting networks of varying sizes combined with our site pre-audit contract sizing methodology ensures that the appropriate contract is selected for your requirements.
    • Contracts are structured between scheduled maintenance hours and emergency call-out hours, which can be accumulated if not used in a particular month.
    • Outsourcing costs usually compare very favourably with inhouse staffing costs on a comparitive cost basis, and more so when looked at from a total cost of ownership basis.





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