The Case for Outsourced IT Services

Outsourcing cuts direct costs, and shifts the burden and the risk of keeping up with technology to the outside supplier as well as delivering substantial benefits in terms of cost control and predictability.

Making a decision to outsource the day-to-day, on-line monitoring and management of the network can dramatically reduce company staff costs, and this reduction in cost translates to an ongoing management benefit.

There is the option to take a variable and potentially volatile set of costs and substitute a fixed monthly cost that covers virtually all situations, including unpredictable emergencies. Financial control shifts from line management back into the accounts office.

In addition to the financial benefits our clients benefit from consultants that get exposure to a variety of environments and problems that may be wider than that which the typical employee comes into contact with. Each consultant can also draw on the experience of the rest of the team.

In partnership with in-house IT -
Working closely with company staff and management:

Labour intensive areas can be delegated

Specialised areas can be delegated

Neutral 3rd party can assess strengths, weaknesses and risks of new implementations.





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